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PLEASE NOTE: To avoid confusion, this player is not currently registered, and has never played for, Aylesbury United FC. Details provided here are for information purposes only, and statistics should not necessarily be regarded as 100% accurate.

Hertford Town Squad
George Andreou
Lanre Balogun
Joe Bennett
Left Back
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Deimar Cardoso
Louie Carr
Sonny Coughlin-Brown
James Doherty
Brian Garzon
Harry Gilzean
Ben Herd
William Kiers
Morgan Mahoney
Billy Mardell-Smith
Erald Memaj
Luke Mewitt
Kurainashe Musanhi
Joe Nardelli
Archie O'Brien
Ergys Pepaj
Tinochika Quamina
Sudayisi Sendege